Tesco: Stop the killing of turtles!

Tesco farms turtles to be sold in their Supermarkets in China.
The turtles are sold alive, once purchased the customer can have the live turtle butchered in the Tesco Supermarket or they can take them away and butcher them alive in any way they wish at home.

Tesco butcher turtles while they are still alive, with no pre stunning. The procedure used to butcher them is to cut the head off and then to crush it.
Until the head is correctly crushed, destroying the brain, the turtle can remain conscious throughout the procedure. If the head is not correctly crushed, the turtle's severed head can continue to remain conscious for up to an hour before it dies.
These turtles are known to move their neck and head with lightning speed and can easily withdraw into their shell. This can make the butchering task very unpredictable and far from easy, only prolonging the pain and suffering of the turtle while it is being butchered alive.

The level of suffering caused to turtles, frogs and so many other animals in Chinese markets is well documented. These animals are shipped and handled with no regard to their welfare and without any attempt to minimise their suffering. They are maintained in-store under totally unacceptable conditions, and are killed in a grossly inhumane and barbaric fashion. These animals are essentially dissected alive. They have highly developed sensory capabilities, and without question suffer the most extreme pain and distress over an extended period.

Two-fifths of the world’s tortoises and freshwater turtles and three quarters of Asian species are threatened with extinction as a result of human consumption. Despite legislation restricting trade in many turtle species, enforcement is weak, and many protected species still find their way onto Chinese plates. Any action that endorses or participates in this devastating trade pushes wild turtles one step closer to extinction. No western supermarket should have a hand in the extermination of these imperilled animals.

"Cruelty and evil can never be excused on the grounds of 'culture'. The infliction of horrendous suffering on sentient beings of any kind is universally wrong, and all the more so when the motive is simply to make a quick profit. Companies operating multinationally have a moral duty to uphold and disseminate the best standards and highest ideals, not to sink to the level of the very lowest and most debased practices that exist wherever they do business. Make no mistake - in this case Tesco have descended into the gutter. The level of suffering they are daily inflicting upon live animals in their Chinese stores would result in criminal charges being laid against them were they to repeat these acts of barbarity in the UK.

For Tesco to claim that "it would be wrong" for them to cease the sale of live turtles and frogs because these practices are part of Chinese culture is absurd. If gross cruelty is a part of a culture, then that culture needs to change. Would Tesco willingly sell dogs to be tortured to death in Korea? Would they sell 'bushmeat' from primates in Africa? Would they sell whale meat in Japan? The answer would appear to be "Yes, they would" - and indeed, they already have offered whale meat in their Japanese stores. They were forced to retreat when a major consumer backlash in Europe threatened."

Andy C. Highfield - Tortoise Trust

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Sick & Heartless "Art"

"Guillermo Habacuc Vargas paid local children to catch a dog on the street and then confined, starved and publicly displayed the dog as an "art" exhibit until the innocent animal died of starvation.
This man is by no definition of the word an "artist", he is somebody who enjoys inflicting prolonged suffering upon his innocent victims.
He is a danger to all of society as it is well documented that those with the capacity to intentionally cause harm to an animal have the same capacity to harm humans.
Vargas stated that this animal would have died eventually of natural causes - this is unjustifiable and beyond logical, rational thinking.
Each and every person who knew of and witnessed the suffering of this innocent dog and the organizers of the event, are equally as guilty of causing its death.
And to let this crime go unpunished and instead be awarded by Guillermo Vargas representing Costa Rica in Bienal Centroamericana Honduras 2008 is unacceptable and shameful not only to Costa Rica but to all of its international participants.
He should be jailed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of law for this animals death, not representing Costa Rica as an artist for he is not an artist and to refer to him as such is an insult to all true artists."

"Has cruelty & death become so commonplace that people let this dog die for “art”? Or that people have become so complacent that no one speaks out or does anything when something as horrible as this is happening in front of them? I would have broken all sorts of laws to rescue this poor dog. This is such an outrage that I can barely find the words to express myself properly."


"The costa rican artist Guillermo Vargas let a stray dog starve to death during a performance that was mounted in an artistic fair at nicaragua. With dog's food he wrote in one wall "eres lo que lees" (you are what you read), the sandinista hymn was being played backwards and they were burning 175 rocks of crack and a marihuana once. Not happy with this, the artists known as Habacuc captured a dog in a slum of Managua and he tied him to one of the walls of his demential montage. The poor animal died the next day.

After being questioned and criticized for his work the author of this cruelty replied that his intention was to attack social hypocrisis. Among his confusing intentions he wanted to honor Natividad Canda, who was attacked in Nicaragua by 2 rottweilers. Vargas states that people didn't feel compassion for that man until he was aten by dogs, he also added that no one decided to feed the dog he was "exposing" thus contributing to his death. As logical as it seems, animal rights asociations disqualified this pretended work of art. It's really surprising that this kind of violent artistic expressions but unfortunately we now face the medusa syndrome, we are astonished at the screen, staring all kinds of horros without our consciousness or stomachs revolting.

The brutal "work" of Guillermo Vargas should lead us to think again of the real purpose of art and the lack of it in some of the so called contemporary art. Obsessed by taboo for disrespecting everything whatever it is, we should try to recover our discrimination capacity or at least accept that sometimes we have the right to be indignated.
Art can't be the shield from vandalism and for that reason it shouldn't be granted with impunity. Chris Burden shot against a plane in an airport, Santiago Sierra filled a Synagoge in Germany with unbreathable gases, Teresa Margolles generated vapor with water used to cleanse corpses. The worst thing is that these are obscene exhibition of atrocities without any real lack of purpose other than the quest for media impact."

Thanks to Akbal for english translation from:

Rest in Peace ... lil' one...


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