Talking animals... simply hilarious!

This has to be one of the funniest animals video out there, turn the volume up and enjoy! :)

While speaking out and fighting against animal abuse, it's good to see animals in their own habitat and share a laugh with them, to see how cute they are just give us more inspiration to keep on raising awareness and encourage more people to campaign for them.

Video and audio credits:
"A compilation of excerpts taken from the BBC One show
'Funny Talking Animals - Walk On The Wild Side' and
pieced together by DJ Shamrock for comedic effect.
Images and voice-overs are property of the BBC.
Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' is property of Sony."

Luiz and the octopus:
a story of empathy and compassion

Luiz Antonio is a just a small kid, but his moral and understanding have got nothing to do with 'small'. If you were looking for the easier and more down-to-earth explanation of 'why it's good to be a vegetarian', he has the answer :)

I'm personally amazed of the way he clearly and quickly makes the connection between what's on his plate and how it did get there, and if eventually it did get there with pain and suffering.
The empathy this little boy is already showing at such a young age is something mind blowing, not only that - it's something most adults are lacking.

I don't know exactly when the concept of 'selfishness' develops in humans, but most grown ups - even when staring the truth in the eyes - can come out with many many excuses when their 'comfort zone' is threaten. And with this i mean our habits.

There are many habits, some are more harmful than others. Maybe not to us but to other creatures, and that's when the concept of selfishness gets in the way. Most non-vegetarian people have big difficulty in stopping to eat meat and/or fish cause they cannot think of living without the taste of a steak, bacon, turkey etc etc. I used to eat meat (on and off) too, as at that time i still didn't realize the cruelty that lies behind that appealing plate of ... 'whatever was alive before and not anymore'.
But the day came when i found myself watching for the first time a clip on YouTube, where miss Pamela Anderson was explaining what goes behind the scenes at KFC.
At the end of that few minutes clip it was clear to me that i didn't wanna be part of that cruelty cycle no more, and that same day i stopped eating meat for good. That same day i also decided that i had to do something about what i saw, i couldn't just be there, crying my eyes out and do nothing, cause that wouldn't have helped any animals anyway. And that's when my 'Animal Voice' project started.

I wish more people were like sweet Luiz - learning something new, understanding it and acting upon what they just discovered. Breaking old habits that we keep on feeding just out of plain selfishness, cause all meat/fish we'll ever eat started with the killing (you can even call it murdering) of some innocent creature that had a desire to live as much as we all do.

Furthermore, it has been confirmed already that a vegetarian diet is a very healthy choice for humans, especially when thinking the way animals are pumped up with chemicals to fatten them up, and fish is getting no more a good alternative either, considering seas and oceans pollution, radioactivity etc.
Nowadays the alternatives to meat are so many, and so good, in fact there are even experiments being made, where meat alternatives have been served to people expecting to eat meat and not knowing that actually they weren't, and the results are very positive and surprising.
A vegetarian and or/vegan diet is just so good in many ways, for your health, for a cruelty-free lifestyle and for your taste buds...

Wildlife and nuclear power plants:
..when man goes away... nature thrives...

photo by Dr. Sergei Gaschak

Ukraine - April 26th, 1986 - Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant explodes.
High levels of radioactivity and lots of human and animal casualties followed. The area was evacuated and still today humans are not yet suitable for re-homing it. But now, almost 30 years later, that same place that witnessed much death and destruction seems has had a surprising change of course. Many species are living there, and multiplying... cause eventually, where there's no man... there's more chances of survival for animals and all nature alike.

On April 26, 1986, disaster struck the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine

This is quite much of a controversial subject for me, i don't really agree with the way scientists interact and interfere with the local wildlife - i am strongly against any kind of animal testing experiment, and the poor white rats in the documentary will end up in a lab. Also i didn't really enjoy the part where they had to set a trap to catch 'Boy', the wolf - in a nonchalant kind of way they explained that 'the paw caught in the trap didn't seem to have reported any damage' ... what if it did though!
This being said, it's quite interesting to see that after man destroys, nature reclaims. If we continue the way we do, at this rate - between pollution, deforestation, pouching etc - not much will be left to guarantee an healthy standard of life for all earthlings, at least the ones that remain. But it kind of brings some hope to think that eventually, if we'll annihilate ourselves with our greediness and stupidity, nature might have another chance to thrive.
Long live the animals!


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