"I Promise You" -
Birth of an Activist

..somebody should do something about that....

HEY..... wait a moment...

that 'somebody'... it's ME!

"I don't know what makes some people 'watchers'.. and some people 'doers'...

..for me it's like a compulsion.. i have no choice in the matter anymore... i was born to do this... to speak out and act for animal rights..."

".. those images of cruelty changed me.. for ever.. spoke to me... and there was no turning back..."

"... that little girl, that wouldn't dare to raise her hand in class...grew up to be somebody that wants to raise the roof for animals.. because i found that i could no longer live in peace while there was a war being waged against animals.. i could no longer feel full while they were being starved... or feel warm knowing that they were being enslaved in cold cages.. i could not feel save while they were being brutalized and i certainly couldn't feel free while they are still oppressed..."

"Activism, destroys me. But it also heals me.

Activism starts as a whisper in our souls... a voice deep inside.. almost like an intuition... that nudges and stares at our conscious dead in the eye and make us ask the tough questions... such as 'can i sleep at night knowing what i know NOW...'

For me , giving these animals a voice.. these choiceless animals...acting on behalf of these animals i would never know... makes me feel more connected to my highest self... we all have this in us.. we can all change the world, we can all raise our hands...

For me, i promise you, i will no rest until every cage is empty and every tank is drained...."

This short but powerful speech from Simone Reyes spoke straight to my very soul... and i know why. The simple reason is.. her words are my words, her actions my actions, her promise my promise.

Locked up. Yet, innocent.

Just an observation: in case you're eating ham, bacon etc, you have to agree to the fact that it's your hand that is locking her up in this cage, and that's how she lives her short life till she gets butchered...
don't answer to me, just answer to yourself - is her sufferance and her death worthy of what you put in your mouth? ......
is this how we want to treat other living creatures? ......

"Say it out loud in front of a mirror...'I end the lives of others. I pay someone to kill for me. I eat dead bodies. I pay someone to kill babies. I eat babies. I pay someone to rape their mothers. I milk their mothers. I eat mothers. I wear their skins and use soap, shampoo and household cleaners that has burned their eyes, skins and tortured them to death.'
Say that a few times and observe yourself in the mirror.....
And then say 'I love animals'..."
~Anita Mahdessian

From PETA website:

"Most mother pigs in the U.S. spend their entire adult lives confined to cramped metal crates. They never feel the affectionate nuzzle of a mate, and they are thwarted in their natural desire to build a cozy, comfortable nest. Instead, they are surrounded by cold metal bars and forced to lie on wet, feces-covered floors.

When they are old enough to give birth, these sows are artificially inseminated and imprisoned for the entire length of their pregnancies in “gestation crates,” cages that are just 2 feet wide and too small for them even to turn around or lie down comfortably. The pigs often develop bedsores from lack of movement.
After giving birth, mother pigs are moved to “farrowing crates,” enclosures similar to gestation crates, with only a tiny additional concrete area on which the piglets can nurse. One worker describes the process: “They beat the shit out of the mother pigs to get them inside the crates because they don’t want to go. This is their only chance to walk around, get a little exercise, and they don’t want to go [back into a crate].”

This intensive confinement, loneliness, and deprivation often causes mother pigs to go insane, which is manifested in repetitive behaviors such as neurotically chewing on their cage bars or obsessively pressing on their water bottles. After three or four years, their bodies are exhausted (despite the fact that the pigs are still quite young), and they are shipped off to slaughter."
(from PETA website, please READ FULL ARTICLE HERE )

Vegan muscles... Yes, We Can!

Many are the excuses why not to follow a vegan diet and life style, we heard them all, from laziness to... well, mostly they all can get back to that one, the big 'laziness' excuse.

And i do believe it's all about that, leaving our own comfort zone and - oh dear... - suffering the pain of hell just cause we won't be able to taste that 'bacon' again, or join our friends in summer barbecues etc etc... But again, it all boils down to what are our own priorities - 'us' (our own little selfish egotistic bubble with our own pleasures and preferences) or 'us' (and this is where our own bubble become so big that there's space not only for our little petty egos, but for all, as in 'all-is-connected', as in 'your sufferance, my sufferance').
I won't even go in details in this post on how many tasty and jummy and delicious and mouth-watering meat replacements there are out there nowadays, even affordable for somebody like me, that needs to be a math genius every time i go for groceries, trying to balance the pennies in all i'm buying (and no - that's no fun.. but that's how it is now..). And then, of course, still at the supermarket you see a bag of 100 grams of salami, costing, lets say a euro... and next to it the 'veg-salami' that for less grams costs even more... but no matter how broke i am, i live by my choices and that's all i have, my face in the mirror in the morning smiles, instead of puking at me... so i'm fine with that.

But ok, then there's the protein intake excuse that goes along the lines of 'oh, you will never get enough proteins eating a plant-based diet...' and even to this i won't go in details now, cause actually this post was all about how fit and great you can still be following a plant-based diet, that not only will benefit you with healthy results, but will benefit as well the uncountable animals that daily suffer and die cause of our... excuses.

And no, i might not be a super muscle girl at the moment (the gym is the best place where i can focus for that..) but i definitely don't look like as if i'm starving, on the contrary, i got these few kilos extras for the winter months to keep me warm and well-padded in case i fall off my bike ;)
So, have a look at those athletes that are fully vegan and rock their sporty world, maybe ask them where do they get their proteins... ;)
Read more here:  10 Vegan Athletes that prove you don't need meat to compete

Frank Medrano, vegan athlete.. where is he getting his proteins..?? ;)

Nobody should die for an icecream...

please watch this video, it's not graphic...
please at least consider this for a moment...
i don't know what it takes to each one of us to make a change in our life, to me, personally, to see only this few minutes of a clip is enough.
I personally feel immense pain in my heart when i think or see the abuse animals go through for human pleasure. I can't be part of that. It's small my part in this, but as much small as it is it must be there. I can't think that my choices and my actions are part of the hand that torture those animals, part of the kick in the face those poor animals got from these savages, monsters. I can't be part of the hand that holds the scissors that heartlessly cut a tail, like if somebody would just come and cut my arm, no anesthetic, no pity, only pain. (see video in petition HERE)
Walking towards death's doors and getting tortured while walking to my death.
If there's something, someone, that is what the Christians talk about as Jesus, all those animals are. The same way he was walking to his death, the same way those innocents are walking. He got beaten, laughed at, tortured, spit at, no pity for him, till they put him on that cross...slowly left there to die.
To me, all the animals that are tortured and killed by man, to me all of them are what Christians call the Christ. I don't follow any particular religion. I believe in good actions vs bad actions. That's how i go on in life. So i don't know why this particular example came to my mind, maybe my cultural background... No matter this, my point is just a call to you all to open your hearts and feel empathy and compassion for those poor innocent creatures. It's not the easiest way in the beginning, a vegan diet... but the 'Right Thing' has got nothing to do with easy or difficult. I just pray that everyday more and more people find it in their heart to feel and see those animals as equals, cause when you see them as you, and me, and your kids, and your spouse, when you see them like that you wouldn't want anything bad to happen to them.

Please remember that just some years ago people with a different skin colour were used as slaves and treated as those cattle are treated, remember that just few years ago women were burned alive and called witches, only few years ago women couldn't even vote, just few years ago thinking 'gay' was considered an abomination. So keeping this in mind, think that one day, the way we treat our brothers and sisters animals will be seen as something so cruel and primitive as well. The change is in our hearts. Those words might not change you today. But i have to speak them, in the hope that at least they will make a little seed fall in your heart, and one day that seed might be ready and grow into a source of Compassion for All.
God Bless The Animals and keep them away from pain....

Please watch the short clip, and sign this petition on Change:
Thank You...

Talking animals... simply hilarious!

This has to be one of the funniest animals video out there, turn the volume up and enjoy! :)

While speaking out and fighting against animal abuse, it's good to see animals in their own habitat and share a laugh with them, to see how cute they are just give us more inspiration to keep on raising awareness and encourage more people to campaign for them.

Video and audio credits:
"A compilation of excerpts taken from the BBC One show
'Funny Talking Animals - Walk On The Wild Side' and
pieced together by DJ Shamrock for comedic effect.
Images and voice-overs are property of the BBC.
Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' is property of Sony."