Vegan muscles... Yes, We Can!

Many are the excuses why not to follow a vegan diet and life style, we heard them all, from laziness to... well, mostly they all can get back to that one, the big 'laziness' excuse.

And i do believe it's all about that, leaving our own comfort zone and - oh dear... - suffering the pain of hell just cause we won't be able to taste that 'bacon' again, or join our friends in summer barbecues etc etc... But again, it all boils down to what are our own priorities - 'us' (our own little selfish egotistic bubble with our own pleasures and preferences) or 'us' (and this is where our own bubble become so big that there's space not only for our little petty egos, but for all, as in 'all-is-connected', as in 'your sufferance, my sufferance').
I won't even go in details in this post on how many tasty and jummy and delicious and mouth-watering meat replacements there are out there nowadays, even affordable for somebody like me, that needs to be a math genius every time i go for groceries, trying to balance the pennies in all i'm buying (and no - that's no fun.. but that's how it is now..). And then, of course, still at the supermarket you see a bag of 100 grams of salami, costing, lets say a euro... and next to it the 'veg-salami' that for less grams costs even more... but no matter how broke i am, i live by my choices and that's all i have, my face in the mirror in the morning smiles, instead of puking at me... so i'm fine with that.

But ok, then there's the protein intake excuse that goes along the lines of 'oh, you will never get enough proteins eating a plant-based diet...' and even to this i won't go in details now, cause actually this post was all about how fit and great you can still be following a plant-based diet, that not only will benefit you with healthy results, but will benefit as well the uncountable animals that daily suffer and die cause of our... excuses.

And no, i might not be a super muscle girl at the moment (the gym is the best place where i can focus for that..) but i definitely don't look like as if i'm starving, on the contrary, i got these few kilos extras for the winter months to keep me warm and well-padded in case i fall off my bike ;)
So, have a look at those athletes that are fully vegan and rock their sporty world, maybe ask them where do they get their proteins... ;)
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Frank Medrano, vegan athlete.. where is he getting his proteins..?? ;)

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