Animal Aid Unlimited:
Compassion in Action

.. and back we are in India with this new entry, but fortunately this time with a different story - one that talks about Compassion in Action.
It's the tale of a group of people that decided it's time to roll up the sleeves and do something for all the animals that seriously need help in the neighborhoods of Udaipur.

"Animal Aid Unlimited is a US-based 501(c)3 charitable organization that runs a busy animal hospital and shelter in Udaipur, Rajasthan India, where ownerless street animals are rescued, healed, loved, and returned to the neighborhoods from where they came.

Animal Aid’s mission is to both bring relief to suffering animals, and to awaken compassion among people. Showing everyone a path for action is where we begin."

When you visit their website you will get to know some of the people that are working together to bring a better chance of life to all these beautiful and sweet animals, from professional vets to all the P.W.V.B.H. (People With Very Big Heart..) that volunteer at the hospital and shelter.

These are beautiful stories of animals that from a life of pain, sufferance, food deprivation and fear, got to know a better way through the deep love and compassion of a few committed men and women. Not only to these less fortunate residents the help needed is given, but also to all the local cases brought to their attention - size or number of legs doesn't matter as they all deserve a chance at Animal Aid Unlimited. Through various programs they bring first hand help, awareness and solutions on what can be done for preventing animal suffering, locally and globally.

The following is just a little selection of the 'happy ending' stories at Animal Aid Unlimited.....

Scout came to Animal in January 2008. He had been attacked by a dog and had many deep wounds. Scout was extremely frightened and in a lot of pain, but after spending time with the staff and volunteers, Scout learned he no longer needed to fear, and he began to trust, receive love, and give love in return. He recovered from his wounds and was released back into the neighborhood where he came from. We don’t know why, because it is fairly rare that bigger dogs attack young ones, but he was attacked again, and this time his injuries are so severe that he is now unable to use his back legs, and will live the rest of his life with people who love him in the company of safe dogs in the middle of a world where he feels loved."

"Raju came with massive electrical burns on his face, and that’s why he looks so strange. His little nose was burned right off. He’s blind. He lives in a caged home that two donors (Pia and Klaus Jacobsen) built for him in 2004. He’s a macaque (red-faced) monkey from North India, and we know he was illegally poached and assume he was forced to perform for money on a chain. But the owner couldn’t use him after his injuries and abandoned him in Udaipur; we received an emergency call from someone who found him laying listless with infected burns all over his face and hands. We don’t know any more than that. Raju needed eye-drops many times during the day, and absolutely hated them. But he recovered all his strength and began playing as soon as we provided him the space to do so. He is not a tame monkey; he doesn’t want to be handled. What he DOES enjoy is harassing dogs that are tied near to him, and he loves his friend Selki (a male monkey. “Selki” means girlfriend. Readers can interpret this as liberally as they may. More on Selki in another story.) Please, if you’ve always wanted a monkey, now’s your chance. Raju needs more friends and you can send him your blessings every day, mysteriously hidden in fruit and vegetables that your donation helps us provide."

Thomas was a baby donkey who had been tethered leg to leg with plastic packing tape which severed the tendons in his hind leg and permanently disabled him. He has lived in Animal Aid since 2004. Since baby donkeys are extremely fuzzy and affectionate, Thomas never wanted for affection and play from humans, and if ever an animal thought he were a person, it would be Thomas, who sits together with you at mealtimes, relaxes over a newspaper with you during a tea break, follows you through your daily duties of feeding the dogs or other animals, and generally fulfills the highest notion of what it means to be a “companion animal.” That term is usually used in reference to dogs and cats, but anyone who has ever spent time with other species knows that even wild animals are our companions when we live in harmony with them. Thomas is always cheerful; his sweetness accompanies him everywhere, and brightens the day of anyone who has the good luck to pass a few moments with him." .... more stories HERE

It always brings a warm smile in my heart when reading these positive and hopeful stories, i hope it brought it to you as well.
If you can help Animal Aid Unlimited with a donation or by spreading the word out, all the critters will certainly be so grateful!!!
They are always in need of donations for the hospital and shelter costs, every little amount counts so don't be shy - even that ten euros bill is greatly appreciated, Thank You! :o)