Canadian Bloody Ice

Canada’s annual seal hunt is the largest slaughter of marine mammals on Earth.
Last year, the world looked on in horror as the Canadian government permitted the slaughter of more than 330,000 harp seals. During the hunt, baby seals are shot or repeatedly clubbed.
The Canadian government claims that hunters only kill adult seals, but 97 percent of the seals killed last year were less than 3 months of age.
Sealers bludgeon the animals with clubs and “hakapiks” (clubs with metal hooks on their ends) and drag the seals—who are still conscious—across the ice floes with boat hooks.
An estimated 42 percent of the animals are skinned alive. Hunters toss dead and dying seals into heaps and leave their carcasses to rot on the ice floes because there is no market for seal meat.
The Canadian government has given the go-ahead for hunters to bludgeon to death 335,000 baby harp seals this year.
To stop this atrocity, we must generate an international outcry against the Canadian government for sanctioning it.

The following links will provide you with detailed information on the current harp seals situation:
Stop the seal hunt IFAW

Adding your signature to these petitions, and writing to the addresses below a personal request to stop this barbaric killing of defenceless animals, will hopefully enhance the possibility to call off the annual massacre.

Please help these beautiful, defenceless and sweet animals - they can't fight against the monsters that heartlessly kill them... but We Can !!

Asia : hell on earth for dogs & cats

For dogs and cats, Asia is certainly not the best place to be.
In China these animals are killed in brutal ways for their fur (see here), and not only that.

The recent few cases of rabies have brought upon the local dogs a large scale extermination action, sponsored by the local governments.
Just to name few of these episodes, in the city of Cixi (in between the 10th and 16th October 2004) an unverified estimate of 40,000 dogs were slaughtered, followed by other killer waves in 2005, 2006 (where in Yunnan 50.000 dogs have been massacred) till the last bloody bath happened only a few days ago, on the 15th of March 2007, in the district of Wanzhou.
The tragic thing it's that not only strays are the target of these tragic raids, but also dogs that have an owner and that are vaccinated (read more here).

In Korea the situation isn't any nicer.
Many Koreans claim that eating dogs is a long tradition although others believe that eating dogs only began as a result of the Korean war, when starvation was rife.
The popularity today has come about because dog dealers and restaurants began to invent stories about the health benefits to be gained from eating dog meat.

In order to meet the demand for dog meat (estimated at 2-2.8 million dogs and cats per year),farms exist throughout the country to breed these animals for slaughter.
Dog meat, at £15 Sterling per kilo, costs more than beef and is eaten more than lamb.

Dogs can commonly be seen in Korean markets being killed (hopefully) by hammer blows to the head before being skinned.
Sometimes the dog is electrified instead, with electrodes fixed to the tongue.
Yet another favoured method is slow strangulation by hanging.
The flesh is then singed by a blowtorch to improve its appearance.
On some occasions, the animal remains alive throughout, eventually dying from shock.
This is all performed in full view of other dogs crammed in cages awaiting the same fate.

The Koreans actually believe that the adrenaline released into the dogs' bloodstreams by their sheer terror and agony will increase the sexual potency of the consumer.

Signing this petition may increase the chances to abolish this horrible and cruel habit.

Although cats are eaten in South Korea, it is more usual for them to be rendered into a "medicine" to treat rheumatism and arthritis. Unlike dogs, cats are not bred on specialist farms.
This would not be cost effective when there are always starving strays.
These are collected in sacks and, if lucky, are beaten to death with either a stick or hammer blows to the head.
More commonly, they are boiled alive with herbs (sometimes after having their limbs broken to reduce their ability to struggle) until their flesh liquifies.
The resulting "liquid cat" (known as "Goyangi soju") is then sold in small sachets.
An average size cat, when cooked with dates, herbs and chestnuts, will produce 20-25 of these sachets.

For all cats and dogs lovers these facts are simply heart breaking, to put it mildly.
I have had cats and dogs with me all my life, and knowing about this kind of cruel acts doesn't make it easy for me to find sleep at night...

If you are touched by this tragic facts, there are a few things that could be done in order to try to save a huge number of canine and feline lifes in Asia:
read more facts about these topics, sign petitions, write/fax/call chinese and korean institutions (like embassies, consulates etc.), contact local shops that sell products deriving from the infamous fur trade, etc.

In the following list you will find important links that focus on this issue (organizations, petitions etc.):

(Related articles and links here and here)

Another Chinese Dog Extermination Day

It seems as China doesn't want to stop with its cruel, unethical and horrifing actions towards animals.

In the Wanzhou district, the local government has ordered that all pet dogs have to be put to death because a resident died of rabies.
The government has issued a directive asking residents in the central city area to have their dogs put down before March 15.
The institutions will cull the dogs, whether they are vaccinated or not, if the residents do not do so before the deadline.
Owners will be fined between 200 yuan and 1,000 yuan for every dog found after that date.

Please read the complete article here:
and here:

Please join in with demanding a serious change from the chinese government:

Important related links:,,1871089,00.html

I am publishing this today - and it's already probably too late for stopping this mass murder of dogs in China.
But it's not too late for You to know about this terrible fact, and to help preventing any future act like this. Don't hesitate to contact any institutions of the chinese government, go/call/write/email to your local chinese embassy and state that you are ready to avoid the purchase of any products coming from China (...and there are tons of them on the market) and remember them that You , Me and many other like us may think twice before to book our flight for the upcoming chinese Olympic Games 2008, where they will surely not hesitate to take the chance for a further large scale stray animals extermination.

Imagine how would it be if you were living in China - now - and you owned a dog....
Please don't close Your eyes on This!

Stop Animal Testing !!!

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Did you know that there are hundreds of agencies around the world spending your money shoving dogs into metal chambers and pumping in pesticides while the animals try in vain to escape the deadly poisons?
Or that researchers still swab burning chemicals into rabbits eyes and onto their shaved skin? Animals are routinely cut open, poisoned, and forced to live in barren steel cages for years, although studies show that because of vast physiological variations between species, human reactions to illnesses and drugs are completely different from those of other animals.

Today's non-animal research methods are humane, more accurate, less expensive, and less time-consuming than animal experiments, yet change comes slowly and many researchers are unwilling to switch to superior technological advances. Animal experimentation not only is preventing us from learning more relevant information, it continues to harm and kill animals and people every year. Hundreds of thousands of these animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed every year in outdated product tests for shampoos, household cleaners, cosmetics, hairspray, and other personal care and household items.

Although more than 500 companies have banned all animal tests forever, some corporations still force substances into animals stomachs and drip chemicals into rabbits eyes. These tests are not required by law, and they often produce inaccurate or misleading results even if a product has blinded an animal, it can still be marketed to you. Animals deserve rights, regardless of how they taste or how convenient it is to experiment on them. Like humans, animals are capable of suffering and have an interest in leading their own lives.
These animals do not have a voice to speak out and stop this.
WE DO!!!!!!!!

Just because a label on a product says "This finished product was not tested on animals" does not mean they did not test on animals at all. The "finished" part is very sneaky...this means a lot of times that they tested on animals for every step up to the final or "finished" product. Be very careful when it comes to this!

Most of the products listed in the following list,
are physically tested on animals:

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...think before you buy something that is going to fund animal testing !!


- Important Articles

- Very Important Links

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(go to 'Links Archive' for more...)

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China's shocking Dog and Cat Fur Trade

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I want to bring to your attention a terrible situation concerning the lives of cats and dogs in China.
Millions of dogs and cats in Asia are killed annually for their skins, which are exported to the UK and other countries around the world.
One fur coat requires the slaughter of up to 24 cats and as many as 12 adult dogs.
Killing methods are unimaginably cruel:
Cats are strangled or drowned, and dogs are restrained by the neck with wire snares and then slashed across the groin. Video footage shows that many are skinned while they are still conscious. Dog and cat fur is still imported into the UK and misleadingly labelled, meaning that fur-coat buyers may purchase dog and cat fur without realising it.

Please watch the following video to realize the reality of the facts
(WARNING: it contains shocking visual material) :

China's Dog and Cat Fur Trade

For more information, please visit these links:

Peta - Animals Are Not Ours to Wear

Animal Voice - on Fur and Leather

Join Peta in the effort to Stop the Sale of Dog fur, live Cats and Dogs in China:

It's a crying shame to see this kind of prehistoric behaviour become modern everyday cruelty,
of which most people don't know or pretend it doesn't exist.