Petition Lists - Please Sign !!!

This is a list of Online Petitions that You may sign;
it takes only few minutes of your time to increase the possibility of a real Change,
to improve life conditions of many (..too many...) animals that have no voice and power to Stop the brutalities that they have to endure each day of their life...

Animals Matter to Me

Replace Animal Experiments in Europe

Stop Experiments on Monkeys

Stop the Dog and Cat Fur Trade

No! to Mass Dog Slaughter in China (from Peta)

Say NO to Mass Dog Slaughter in China

World Society for Protection of Animals

Petition against Dog/Cat meat Consumption

Korea : Dogs tortured to death and used as "natural" Viagra,
Cats boiled alive for "herbal" remedies.

Endangered Species Act Legacy Pledge

Replace Animal Experiments @ Sussex University

Save America's Wolves

Animal Welfare

Animal Abuse

Animal Research

Farm Animals

Pets - All

Pets - Cats

Pets - Dogs

European Coalition to End Animal Experiments

Monkey Business BUAV

Animal Rights Agenda - Action Alerts

Animal Rights Agenda - Petitions

Animal Rights Agenda - Campaigns

Animal Aid - Petitions

Anti-Vivisection - Covance Campaign

Anti-Fur Society

Cheetah Conservation Fund

Save the Badgers

The Petition Site

Petition Online

Violence-Free Science (Sussex University - UK)

Petition Them

The Petition Spot

Say No to BSL

Gateway To Hell

Say NO to Covance

Greyhound Action

Bullfighting/Corrida campaign #1

Bullfighting/Corrida campaign #2

Abolition of Terrier Work

League Against Cruel Sports - Campaigns

I wish i could do more...i wish i could do more...
But for now, what i can do is this...trying my best to reach more and more people that can help, one after the other, to make the Difference.
There are so many ways that we may all help our Animal Family - because this is what animals are to kin, my own blood.. - and one of these possibilities is showing with your signature that You Care.

"If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem."

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