Justice for Bozhidar

"Bozhidar (God's gift) was about a year old stray, enduring life on the mean streets of a small village in Bulgaria. Sadists used him as a live target and shot him numerous times. They covered all of his body with gunshot wounds but that wasn't enough for the bastards' sick fun, so they cut his tong and left him on the road to die slowly!

The driver of a passing truck saw the agonizing dog and called local animal rights activists. They reacted immediately but there was nothing much to be done for the poor thing. By the time help arrived he's lost too much blood and his suffering was beyond belief. The dog has been euthanized." (from Bozhidar's petition )

I want people to be aware of what's going on behind each own bubble. If you think it's not your business, you're wrong. Cause the moment you are aware of something, you gotta choose for the Best Option, which in this case means getting the boundaries of our own bubble so large to make of all that surrounds us, in any form and shape - our business. Because that's what it is. Don't lie to yourself, you're the one that harvest at the end of the day......

This, like so many other stories, shouldn't happen. At all.
The fact that there are extremely sick and evil people out there should make everybody aware that this is reality. Don't look the other way when you see this, or when you read Bozhidar' story, because if you do so, that won't make the monsters go away. The monsters need to got out and in plein sight - for everybody to know who they are. We need, all of us animal lovers, to make it a mission not to let stories like this be forgotten, but try in all way to us available to get these sick bastards to justice. People like this have some serious , serious problems in their brain, cause anybody right in its head would simply consider this kind of cruelty insane. These are the same monsters that will enjoy raping a kid, beating a woman and so on. It's proved: who engages in acts of violence towards animals, will most perpetrate more future violence on humans, generally to the defenceless ones, cause these people are sick ball-less unsecure macho pieces of doodoo.. and that's all they can do with their time.

People from Bulgaria, get together and try to bring to justice the monster that did this.
Lately from the east of Europe we are witnessing too many cases of extreme evil cruel violence towards animals, this cannot go on like this. These people are throwing blood buckets on your flags. (not that i personally care about flags in general...)Link

Please read more about Bozhidar HERE on Facebook, SIGN THE PETITION ,make it go around, share this article and say a prayer for the little one.....

Please, call or send your protest letters to the Bulgarian Embassy in your country and demand authorities to begin acting according Bulgarian Law: http://www.buldir.com/bulgarian_embassies_abroad.html

Also write to:

The President- http://www.president.bg/en/contacts.php
Ministry of Interior- http://www.mvr.bg/en/contactus.htm

And to: minister@moew.government.bg; minister@mzh.government.bg; pr@justice.government.bg; b_dimitrova@justice.government.:

Mayoress of Pernik, Bulgaria, Mrs. Yanakieva: obshtina@pernik.bg

RIP sweet baby............... ♥