Locked up. Yet, innocent.

Just an observation: in case you're eating ham, bacon etc, you have to agree to the fact that it's your hand that is locking her up in this cage, and that's how she lives her short life till she gets butchered...
don't answer to me, just answer to yourself - is her sufferance and her death worthy of what you put in your mouth? ......
is this how we want to treat other living creatures? ......

"Say it out loud in front of a mirror...'I end the lives of others. I pay someone to kill for me. I eat dead bodies. I pay someone to kill babies. I eat babies. I pay someone to rape their mothers. I milk their mothers. I eat mothers. I wear their skins and use soap, shampoo and household cleaners that has burned their eyes, skins and tortured them to death.'
Say that a few times and observe yourself in the mirror.....
And then say 'I love animals'..."
~Anita Mahdessian

From PETA website:

"Most mother pigs in the U.S. spend their entire adult lives confined to cramped metal crates. They never feel the affectionate nuzzle of a mate, and they are thwarted in their natural desire to build a cozy, comfortable nest. Instead, they are surrounded by cold metal bars and forced to lie on wet, feces-covered floors.

When they are old enough to give birth, these sows are artificially inseminated and imprisoned for the entire length of their pregnancies in “gestation crates,” cages that are just 2 feet wide and too small for them even to turn around or lie down comfortably. The pigs often develop bedsores from lack of movement.
After giving birth, mother pigs are moved to “farrowing crates,” enclosures similar to gestation crates, with only a tiny additional concrete area on which the piglets can nurse. One worker describes the process: “They beat the shit out of the mother pigs to get them inside the crates because they don’t want to go. This is their only chance to walk around, get a little exercise, and they don’t want to go [back into a crate].”

This intensive confinement, loneliness, and deprivation often causes mother pigs to go insane, which is manifested in repetitive behaviors such as neurotically chewing on their cage bars or obsessively pressing on their water bottles. After three or four years, their bodies are exhausted (despite the fact that the pigs are still quite young), and they are shipped off to slaughter."
(from PETA website, please READ FULL ARTICLE HERE )

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