US Marine Throws Puppy off a Cliff

A recent disturbing YouTube video shows a US Marine, identified as David Motari (22-year-old from Washington state), happily throwing a puppy off a rocky cliff while in Iraq.
The US soldier, now based at Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kaneohe, is under full investigation.
In a statement the Marines called the video "shocking and deplorable" and said it violates "the high standard we expect of every Marine".
“We do not tolerate this type of behaviour and will take appropriate action,” the statement added.

Complete details on this story to be found here:

- David Motari
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- Video of David Motari throwing the puppy off the cliff

Unfortunately, this is not the first episode that sees soldiers responsible for acts of senseless cruelty towards animals.
There have been other online videos that show that while fighting a war, soldiers find entertaining the abuse and torture of defenceless and innocent creatures, being them humans and animals alike. Wars and battle fields are already enough terrible on their own - Life should be considered and held as the most precious gift, expecially in those environments where death is a constant bloody reality.

Too late to save this puppy's life now - but the right time to demand to the U.S. Marine Corps to establish a zero-tolerance policy for cruelty to animals.
Following are some action alerts where you can ask for justice to be made:

- HSUS : Protect Animals in the Uniform Code of Military Justice
- PETA : Demand the investigation and punishment of this cruel act
- Contact the MCBH (Marine Corps Base Hawaii)


Anonymous said...

David Motari should be thrown off a cliff! What a sick son of a bitch. And shame on the men that filmed and posted this video. Im sickened at this cowards actions. I hope this incident follows and haunts this man for the rest of his life. Please oh PLEASE let me decide his punishment (I promise I will video tape it)

Anonymous said...

That really is pretty messed up. Well, it's a good thing puppies don't have souls.