Free Lucky - the Asian elephant in San Antonio Zoo

They call her "Lucky."
Wild- captured at age 4 - imprisoned in this enclosure since 1962... lucky?

(Lucky has been in this small, barren enclosure for 45 years, and alone since November 2007!)

On November 2, 2007, an African elephant named Alport died of undetermined causes at the San Antonio Zoo, leaving Lucky, an Asian elephant, all alone. Lucky was captured in the wilds of Thailand as a baby (she was only 4!!) and transferred to the San Antonio Zoo in the spring of 1962. She has endured decades of captivity in a cramped, barren zoo enclosure for the entertainment of zoo visitors and now deserves a dignified retirement in an environment that more closely resembles life in the wild.

Elephants are highly social animals who live in matriarchal herds, protect one another, forage for fresh vegetation, play, bathe in rivers, and share mothering responsibilities for the herds' babies. Their ability to feel pain—as well as sorrow, joy, and happiness—rivals our own. In the wild, elephants walk many miles and are active for 18 hours each day. Because of space limitations, zoos—no matter how well intentioned they may be—simply cannot provide for elephants' physical and social needs. Zoos' lack of space creates health problems in elephants, such as arthritis, foot and joint diseases, and psychological distress (as is evidenced by repetitive swaying, head-bobbing, and pacing).

In contrast, The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee can offer Lucky hundreds of acres of natural habitat to roam, ponds to bathe in, fresh vegetation and foraging opportunities, and the company of many other elephants. Not only would Lucky's social needs be addressed, the sanctuary environment has also proved to be therapeutic to ailing elephants.


(The reported cause of death for Alport was an orthopedic tear. Now, Lucky is having foot problems as well.)


Send a polite message requesting that Lucky be retired!

Ask the zoo director to give Lucky a truly lucky break and make the compassionate decision to immediately transfer her to The Elephant Sanctuary and permanently close San Antonio's elephant exhibit:

Steve McCusker, Director
San Antonio Zoo
3903 N. St. Mary's St.
San Antonio, TX 78212

210-734-7291 (fax)

Please also contact the mayor of San Antonio and ask him to encourage the zoo to transfer Lucky to The Elephant Sanctuary immediately and permanently close San Antonio's elephant exhibit:

The Honorable Phil Hardberger
Mayor of San Antonio
P.O. Box 839966
San Antonio, TX 78283

210-207-4168 (fax)


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This is where Lucky should go as soon as possible - in the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee!!
You can see from the pictures that this would mean a totally different life for her - don't let her die in a concrete prison like poor Alport did...
Please help Lucky to spend the rest of her life in the Sanctuary!


Cheryl4animals said...

Please release Lucky and allow her to have some life, her life was stolen by man for his pleasure, it is time to give back. Can you imagine how lonely she must be, you never see her tears or hear her voice, because you prefer not too. You stole her from her family and punished her for being an elephant. Let her go and live a life un beknown to her. Have a heart, think of her pain, give back what you took, please let her go. She was never yours to keep in the first place, you just took her. God is watching us all the time and He is surely watching your every move with Lucky, each and everyone responsible for her pain will have to answer.

ap said...

Hi there! My name is Allie. I am currently writing my letter to the San Antonio Zoo as we speak...well, type. I'm very happy that I ran into this blog and I think it's such a great thing you guys are doing.

I'm a proud vegetarian of a year and a half. Thank you for all of your hard work.