The Exploitation of Galgos

"The galgo, a breed of dog native to Spain, is similar to a greyhound. Because they have particular stamina, galgos are used to hunt rabbits and boars on the Spanish plains. The abuse that many Spanish galgos experience revolves around two main issues: unsanitary and inhumane breeding in puppy mills, and the abandonment or killing of the dogs by hunters."

from "The Abuse and Abandonment of Spanish Galgos - HSUS"

"Galgos, or Spanish Greyhounds, are similar in appearance to their larger American cousins, but are used to hunt small game in Spain. The horrors inflicted upon these beautiful dogs is unimaginable! Often they are crammed together in dark sheds and malnourished, but the way they are killed is even more gruesome. Finding them hung from trees around the Spanish countryside when hunting season ends is common. Since there are no restrictions on breeding Galgos, many are killed at the age of two."

from Galgo Rescue International Network (G.R.I.N.)

"Already used to maltreatment by the age of 12 months, deprived of food and care, their owners do not hesitate to always inflict more atrocious suffering. In spring hunting season ends…The massacre and abandonment of Galgos reaches its height when the galguero, devoid of all feeling, carries out the final atrocity. The most traditional method remains, to this day, hanging by a method known as ‘the pianist’. The Galgo hangs, its feet just touching the ground, causing it extreme agony for several days. Then, exhausted and suffocated, it collapses, “hanging himself” freeing the Galgueros of any kind of guilt. Whilst out for a walk in the forests of Spain, it is not unusual to make the macabre discovery of one of these unwanted Galgo hanging from a tree."

from Galgo Help


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