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Guadalupe County prosecutors are vowing to throw the book at three boys charged with torturing and killing a puppy that had been given to a neighbor's teenage daughter a few months ago.

"I was sickened, all of us were absolutely sickened," said Guadalupe County Attorney Elizabeth Murray-Kolb. "They found the easiest target, a friendly little dog. They were seen petting it."

The boys, ages 12, 14 and 16, took the 5-month-old Pomeranian mix named Toby on Tuesday to an abandoned house on Glenewinkel Road in Geronimo. What followed was a sadistic scene of torture and mutilation, according to officials at the Sheriff's Department and County Attorney's office.

They said the boys took the dog to the second floor of the house and twice threw it out a window, breaking its legs. Then they used a rope to hang the dog from a tree by its broken hind legs and used a lighter to burn its genitals.

"They got a board with nails sticking out of it and used the dog as a piƱata," Murray-Kolb said.

Finally, they used a folding pocketknife to decapitate Toby. Murray-Kolb said she did not know if the dog was dead or alive when its head was cut off.

A deputy was called to the abandoned house by a neighbor, who reported suspicious activity at about 6:30 p.m. Tuesday. The deputy found the boys and noticed blood on their clothes, said Guadalupe County Sheriff's Department Lt. Kevin Jordan. The deputy then found the decapitated dog, still hanging by its hind legs from the tree.

The three boys are all charged with animal cruelty resulting in death.

If tried as adults, they could receive two years in jail and a fine for the state jail felony. But as juveniles, they could be locked up at a Texas Youth Commission facility until they turn 19. That's what officials hope to do.

"These boys are a danger to the community," said Assistant County Attorney Nan Udell, who will prosecute the case. "We want society to be protected as long as we have the ability to protect it. As children, the goal is always rehabilitation. I don't know if that's possible here."

"The only remorse I've seen is they are sorry they got caught," Udell said.

County Court-at-Law Judge Linda Jones on Wednesday ordered all three boys to be detained in the Seguin juvenile lockup for 10 days, until their next mandated court hearing.

The killing shocked the dog's owners.

Toby was a "very playful, cute little puppy," said Lenora Tavera.

She said the dog was a gift from a friend to her 16-year-old daughter, Stephanie, a couple of months ago. Toby had a habit of escaping from their fenced yard to play with neighbors and their dogs.

Tavera said her daughter "knows one of the boys. She couldn't believe they would do that to a dog."

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