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Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is designed to place restrictions on ownership of certain breeds of dogs. Typically, the restricted breeds include pit bull-type dogs (usually vaguely defined), followed by Rottweilers. Other breeds may include German Shepherds, Chow Chows, Presa Canarios, Dobermans, Cane Corsos, Huskies, Boxers, and mixes of these.

BSL exists because people are looking for an easy way out. It's easy to point fingers at a group of voiceless dogs and call them "dangerous". It makes for great sound bites on the evening news, and it gives politicians a way to distract people from real worries. It saves us from having to address the core problems - irresponsible, ignorant dog owners, bad breeders, criminals, and an uneducated public.

Some of the most common causes for dog attacks to humans are:

- Failure to understand dog behavior
- Failure to train and socialize
- Chaining and/or neglect results in an anxious, lonely, bored, understimulated, untrained, unsocialized, isolated dog.
- Raising/breeding dogs for dog fighting creates aggressive and dangerous animals.

Breed-specific legislation creates a number of restrictions or regulations on any one breed.
The most common kind of breed-specific legislation completely bans all dogs of a certain breed.
This means that all dogs of the banned breed must be removed from the area or euthanized.

Breed-specific legislation is not an effective approach for regulating dogs' behavior in communities.
BSL affects dogs based on appearance only. It has nothing to do with temperament. The alleged purpose of BSL is to increase public safety, but it can not do that because it completely overlooks temperament.
Although such bans might comfort individuals who have had unpleasant experiences with particular breeds or have heard of attacks by specific dog breeds in the media, the bans do not act to effectively regulate the behavior of any breed or of dogs and their owners collectively.

Are you the owner of one of these breeds?

*American Pit Bull Terrier
*American Staffordshire Terrier
*Staffordshire Bull Terrier
*Bull Mastiff
*Doberman Pinscher
*St. Bernard
*Dogo Argentino
*German Shephard
*Chow Chow
*Rhodesian Ridgeback
*Dogue de Bordeaux
*Wolf Hybrid
*Great Pyrenees

If so, your dog could be the target of Breed Specific Legislation!!

It's very important that all pet owners actively oppose, protest and fight against BSL, because it doesn't matter what breed of dog you own, you can easily with one incident become a target.

A recent huge target for breed-specific legislation has been the family of Pitbulls.
Pit bulls carry many stereotypes. Any time one of these dogs does something bad, the media makes sure we all know about it. The public never learns about the thousands of pitbulls that are cherished family pets, gentle with children, and excel in obedience or agility trials. Many of these dogs are abused and exploited. They are used for entertainment and gambling in the form of dog fighting. This activity is illegal, but enforcement is very difficult. These dogs are not the villains, but the victims!
American Pit Bull Terriers die every single day in shelters around the world not because they are vicious - because they are pitbulls.

Have a look at the many positive pit bull stories which the media prefers to be silent about:

- Positive Pitbull Press
- Heroic Pitbulls
- Pit Bull Press
- In Memory of Chief

Please check the following sites to get more details regarding BSL and how to fight against it:

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Anonymous said...

I have a pitt X bullmastiff & he's the nicest thing there is, my 4 yr old son & 1 yr old girl love him & cuddle him & play with him he wont even lift his head to sniff them & I've been told to leave parks & leave schools while there are other dogs there just cause of his bread & it's raisisum no mater what way you look at it he wont even apporch ppl he backs off & sits or lays down..