Animal Heroes -
More Human than Human

You might have stumbled upon some of these clips already...
They tell the stories of animals that follow their natural protective instincts, and end up helping their fellow pals.. animal and human alike.
Courageous acts that put the very own life of these creatures at stake, but nevertheless, their own fears were erased and wholeheartedly they run to the rescue of others.
Once again we should look at our fellow companion animals --- and all animals in general, and observe how differences can be put aside without a regret or a doubt, just because - most of all - we are all - in this - together. Surviving and peacefully co-existing it's a natural way of things when 'profits and selfishness' are not in the way... that is.

This entry is a little homage to all of the Animals that have shown what real love and selflessness can accomplish, no matter what.
There is to add, that in the same courageous fashion that animals have helped others, also some humans have ripped and gone through the blinding veil of ignorance and separation, and rescued their helpless brothers and sisters cats, dogs, monkeys, rabbits, ferrets, mice, seals, foxes etc.
We'll talk about these 'human heroes' next time, now lets look at them animals - the Non Discriminatory Heroes.

- Hero dog

- Dog stops bull from killing man

- Hippo tries to save impala

- Animal Heros 2006

- Dog saves kittens from fire

- Dogs donating blood

- Hero dog protects his injured mum on the highway

- Dog saves newborn

- Dog saves dog in pool

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Dawn said...

I love these Animal Hero stories. Thanks for gathering and sharing them with the world. You have a lovely blog.

Pansy Nasturtium said...

In many ways, animals are much better than humans. In that first video "Herodog", people are idiots there they can't even stop to help the dog and the car that hit the dog must be run by a car too.