House of Horrors

Lets have a look at what happens behind the doors at Oxford University:

Boycott Oxford!!!

‘Felix’ was a macaque monkey who was tortured for one entire year by vivisector Tipu Aziz. While excellent alternative research methods exist, Felix was but one of countless numbers of sentient beings that continue to suffer and die inside Oxford laboratories every year for no reason other than greed.

Felix was subjected to the standard method employed to coerce a monkey into compliance: starvation. He had the top of his skull sliced off, an extremely painful procedure. Electrodes were forced into his brain and then he was fitted with a cranial chamber. He suffered alone in his barren cage until the day his torturers had finished with him; the day they put him to death.

From SPEAK Campaigns "Boycott Oxford" and the "Felix Campaign"

But Felix unfortunately hasn't been the only victim at Oxford testing facilities.
Lets remember George - kidnapped, abusued, tortured and blinded, JEZ and Bjee - just a few examples amongst many of the abuse taking place behind the closed doors of the university's labs. It now appears that Oxford University, with the backing of the Labour Government have become a law unto themselves and the university now believe they are untouchable.

Do you really call this science? It looks more like a horror house to me.....

The following are just some of the pointless and cruel tests taking place at Oxford University:

- Brain damage in monkeys increases their fear of toy snakes;
- Researchers debilitate 16 year old monkey;
- Monkey brains damaged to make them indecisive;
- Brain damaged monkeys set thousands of tests;
- Brain damage tests last 9 years... !

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Please visit the official site of "SPEAK Campaigns" , these people are certainly on the front line to help the voices of all primates and other animals at Oxford reach all of us.

You will also find a 'Resources' page where to get material such as leaflets, posters, petitions and sponsor forms for helping out with the campaign - very useful stuff if you want to get busy with it, alone or by joining forces with more people.

SPEAK is present also at Myspace, read the story of the building of Oxford laboratory:

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