Bear Farming

In countries across Asia (such as Korea, China and Vietnam), thousands of bears live a life of torture on bear farms, so that their bile can be extracted and used in Traditional Medicine to cure ailments ranging from headaches to haemorrhoids.
Bears are confined in cages so small that the animals cannot stand erect or turn around, all of which cause terrible physical and mental suffering.
But their torment does not end there.....the bears are subjected to painful methods of bile extraction which involve crude surgery to implant a steel catheter into the abdomen or the creation of a permanent hole in the abdomen known as the "free-dripping" technique.
Many bears die as a result of the unsanitary surgery and those that survive spend the rest of their lives suffering in pain and deprivation.
Whilst the methods of farming bears for their bile vary across Asia and are continually 'evolving', ALL of them are incredibly cruel and totally unacceptable.
(source: AnimalsAsia)

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