What You Can Do to Help the Animals pt.6 - Fur-Free Action


It can take 40 or more animals to make a fur coat, but only one person to make a difference.
Here are nine effective ways to help end the suffering and killing of animals for fur and fur trim.

To jump straight to our fur-free outreach materials order form, click here .
To order posters, contact furfree@hsus.org.

1. Be Fur Free

The most important thing you can do to protect animals from the fur trade is to buy and wear only fur-free clothing.

Sign the fur-free pledge and join the more than 115,000 people who have pledged to help us tell the fashion industry that the animals need their fur more than we do.

2. Write Letters

Letters to the editor: Writing letters to the editor is one of the best ways to communicate to the public the problems associated with the fur trade.
For almost no expense, and very little time, you can have your arguments against fur read by thousands of people who go to that section specifically to see what other people think about issues. Get tips on how to write good letters on fur.

Letters to stores: Writing letters to stores can help keep a store fur-free, or help convince one that sells fur to stop doing so, especially if you are a valued customer. However, it is generally most effective when done as part of a focused campaign. Contact information for most department stores and big chains can be found on their websites. You can start by contacting "Neiman Carcass."

3. Share Videos

Nothing beats a video when it comes to imparting the cruelty behind fur production.
If you have friends who wear fur, ask them to watch the videos on our multimedia page, like "Cruelty by Design."
Consider asking—in lieu of holiday gifts—that your close friends and family instead watch a video about the fur industry, like the documentary "The Witness."

4. Wear a Fur-Free Message

Make compassion your fashion with our stylish T-shirt.
Our new Compassion Is My Fashion tee is the perfect way to show that it's stylish to be fur free.

Other great ways to send a fur-free message:

# Donna Salyer's Fur Free Compassion Pin
# Fur Free Zone t-shirt
# "FF" necklace

(note from Animal Voice: you can also create your own customized T-Shirt, nowadays there are many self-made t-shirt shops where you can bring your own design and they will stamp it for you on t-shirts, caps, sweaters, mugs etc.).

5. Educate People

Share our literature with individuals who may be against animal cruelty, but who haven't yet considered what buying or wearing fur supports. Keep fur cards on hand to give to fur wearers, or spend an hour with a friend handing out leaflets outside stores that sell fur. We also make a special leaflet designed to be hung on doorknobs. Order outreach materials here.

6. Organize a Protest or Outreach Event

A protest can be a great way to get media attention and educate shoppers on the issue of needless cruelty to animals by the fur trade. Fur-Free Friday (the day after Thanksgiving, and a huge shopping day) is a traditional day of protest against the fur trade nationwide. Read about previous Fur-Free Friday protests here.
Planning a protest? Order cards and leaflets here and contact furfree@hsus.org to request posters.

7. Put Up Fur-Free Billboards

Putting up a billboard is an exciting way to broadcast the fur-free message. The HSUS offers the materials free of charge—all you need to do is identify a location in your area and cover the posting fee to have the visual placed. Thousands of drivers will see your billboard.
For more information about posting a billboard in your community, contact furfree@hsus.org.

8. Give Our Trapping Case Report to Your Local Vets and Shelters

Give copies of The HSUS' Trapping Case Report form to your local veterinarians and animal shelters.
Ask them to keep it on file in the event that a trapping victim is brought to them.
The information we collect from these forms helps us to enact bans on cruel and indiscriminate traps.

9. Donate Your Fur to Coats for Cubs

If you own fur, one of the best things you can do with it is give it back to animals with our Coats for Cubs program.
Your donation will give comfort to orphaned and injured animals.
Fox kits and other baby animals enjoy the maternal softness of a donated fur.

(taken from : HSUS - Fur Free Action Guide)

Few more facts...

Number of animals used to make an average length fur coat:

Bobcats 15
Chinchillas 100
Ermine 125
Lynx 11
Otters 14
Raccoons 27
Ranch Minks 35
Red Fox 18
Rex Rabbits 30
Sables 40
Silver Fox 11

..... Choose compassion. Don’t wear fur!


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With only few minutes a day spent on signing petitions, you are showing that You care.

Be a visible & hearable voice for the animals!
The Animals Need You!

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