"Adopt - Don't Shop" ...Abba style :)

This is definitely one of the best 'ADOPT - DON'T SHOP' ads out there!
The people at SPCA Wake County did a great job with this commercial, i hope they can reach as much people as possible with this message, and i hope in general that the concept of adopting from shelters become more and more accepted and integrated into people's lives.
Remember, there are tons of animals waiting for a loving home, animals that are waiting for you in shelters all over the world, and those cats and dogs are just eager to shower you with their unconditional love. These great animals are sitting behind bars for the most different reasons, mostly selfish and lazy excuses.

When people decide to get an animal at home, they should keep very well in mind that it's the same decision as when they decide to have a kid - it's a LIFE LONG COMMITMENT. The same as you wouldn't give away your kid for any reason, the same you shouldn't give away your pets. Do you give away your kids when you move into a new house? or when you have a new baby? or when your boyfriend doesn't really like kids? most humans don't give away their human kids, the same should be for our furry kids. They should always been taken good care of. Animals/pets are not toys. They are living creatures and deserve the respect and care we give to our kin. Especially when they give us SO MUCH. No human left behind, no animals left behind.

Now run! Run to your local shelter and do the best thing you could do for yourself - get the best loving and faithful companion you might ever get! :)

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