Cuteness and the seals

This is how we like our seals - happy and free!
It's so refreshing for once to see a seal-human encounter that is just so sweet... watch the first clip and enjoy the interaction between the divers and the seals, these sweet animals really make me think of the way dogs interact with humans, the love for cuddles, the curiosity and trust... priceless!

This second clip it's a bonus - one more seal cuteness video to cheer up your day :)

These animals are as cute as they are endangered.... man is their most feared predator... if you wanna know more about how to help these gorgeous animals, please visit the following sites:

- Seals Protection Action Group
- Sea Shepherd
- Sea Shepherd - What can you do to help the seals
- HarpSeals

You'll find more links and info in this previous entry at Animal Voice: Canadian Bloody Ice

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