I'm Back! ..wait, actually i never left...

           photo by Kiara Ganesha (aka Animal Voice)

well well well.... it has certainly passed a long time since my last post here, but there's been a reason which i'm sure most of my readers already know - that reason being Animal Voice presence on Facebook....

To summarize it a bit, Animal Voice project started back at the very beginning of 2007, right here where you are now. At that time i still didn't have a profile neither a page on Facebook, back then MySpace was the place to be and that's also where my project had a high level presence and very busy interactions with other fellow animal lovers. For some reasons i opened an account on Facebook at the end of 2008, and soon after Animal Voice page was created. No need to say (now in 2014) that FB definitely was/is helping out a great deal with the famous 'sharing' option. And all of us involved in animal rescue operations well know how fast and wide we can pass information and pleas of help just by clicking that 'share' button. This was the beginning of me spending more time networking for animals on Facebook, and less here.... in any case, to cut a long story a bit shorter... I'm Back! :)

Many many things happened in these almost three years of not posting on these pages, i'm sure in a way or the other i will update you with some of the events that kept me busy meanwhile - and at the same time i'm sure that the ones that kept on following my work on my Facebook page are aware of me being quite busy out there too. Since i created the page on the famous social network, as of today there are more than 8.300 'fans' connected to it, and that's a number i definitely am happy with but that at the same time i surely wanna see increase - much much much - as one of my motto is 'the more for the animals, the better!' I'm sure i won't be able to pass to you in this one post all of the things i got in mind since last time i saw you guys on these pages, but there are many ideas and projects boiling up, lots of stuff i want to do and want to do better as well.... just to name one of the main changes i got in mind, we can talk about the new approach regarding all animal issues we're going to handle:
i'll be trying to look more on the brighter side... with that meaning i will incorporate in my site more 'good feeling' and positive stories as well in order not only to educate but also to inspire more people to act upon what they learn here. I know i tend to be on the 'hard and graphic' side of stuff, but i did and do so cause that has worked for me - for my Big Change.... and since i'm a stubborn person (lets blame it on me being an Aries.... or an hot blooded italian...) i thought the way to go was mostly that one. But ok, even for hot blooded italians time passes and eventually i might have learned a thing or two while being daily busy since the last 7 years with my project Animal Voice and all that is animal rights/rescue/welfare/etc etc....

So - this been said.... welcome back to all of my readers and fellow animal lovers... i actually never left... ;)

PS: ... you see that cute kitty-kat on the photo....? mine... mine... MINE!!! ;)
i'll tell you more about him in the next days, just know i scooped him up from the streets while visiting my family in Italy last year (what a story.. you'll hear all about it!), he was very sick and emaciated.. almost a year ago... now he's my super fantastic AND gorgeous kitty-kat named SAFI :)))

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